Any insights re Walker White after this weekend?

Saw on Twitter that his parents accompanied him to The Hill and saw some pictures with CSP and others, so just curious if we gained any insight on his recruitment.

Was certainly happy to read @RichardDavenport report on young Mr Collins.

His parents and brothers made the trip. JD was there with his future wife.

Pittman and Loggains were at his game on Friday. Pittman told him that was his first HS game to attend as the HC. That scored some points with him.

They went out to The Blessings to see his dad’s All American plaque before the game.

He’ll go to Ole Miss this weekend. He hopes to attend LSU, Bama and Florida games.

He initially said he wanted to make a decision in Dec. but now is looking to make a decision in the spring after taking some official visits

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got our work cut out to get this kid as high profile as he is and sure Saban will be on board before it over,would love to get him but not holding my breath.

He would have committed to us earlier, but wasn’t the top of our board, but with the top two looking to go elsewhere, he’s bolted to the top.

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Thanks for all that info Richard!

He’s a big-time talent I would love to have him! Go get him Sam!!

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Pittman might disagree.

He might, have you asked him?

He’s told someone otherwise.

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I would keep an eye on Bama. Things might heat up pretty quickly at some point.

Yeah he looks exactly like the kind Alabama’s been signing. But got 2 more years, so lot can happen in that time

Ole Miss is a major, major player.

That seems like the old way to think. I think Sam and his coaches give us as good a chance as anyone. I am not sure what other QB’s we are recruiting for that class, but I would give us a great shot here.

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Well as long as we’re running the RPO offense that’s the kind of quarterback we need to recruit and Singleton runs it incredibly well so I’m very happy with the one we got coming in next year but I would love to have this kid for sure

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Future of our team in this pic.

Need to go 3 for 3.

Walker’s highlights vs.Shiloh Christian. He was 15 of 25 for 181 yards, 3 TDs and had 8 carries for 71 yards and 3 TDs in the 49-14 win.

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