Any insider or any with information on roster

Sorry if this has been brought up but will there be a new roster out soon? I know y’all posted the jersey number changes but watching the videos I’m able to tell who most players are, but a few I can’t. The main reason I ask is because I’m more curious about the weight changes that were made over the spring. They are still using the weight the last freshmen had when they showed up on campus. For instance, Michael Taylor (juco DE) has been listed at 245 and was in a story recently as well, but CBB said he was up to 270 now. I’m not being picky but I would like to see the growth made by the team. Thanks for any info and the good work you guys have been doing!

You won’t get any help there anytime soon. I was told that the weights on the roster given out this week did not have updated weights. They were from last fall. The weights from the January enrollments are from when they signed. So no new weights are available. I continue to ask players when I interview them. That’s the only way we are going to get them. Yes, they know their weights, but they have not given them out. I’m told that they change the weights on the official roster on the UA site in the summer. Sorry. But I asked on Monday when these latest rosters (with number changes) were given out.

What is the SID office doing these days?

I don’t think this is anything new. Updating weights on rosters has long been a tough area to monitor and keep correct. They sometimes update them twice a year, but never as much as anyone would want.

When they do post the official rosters (twice a year or whatever) do you think that what is listed is probably up to date and correct. I remember in the “old days” little credibility was available therein in many instances (with Bear Bryant being particularly notorious). (For those of you who are of the younger generation, another “ploy” of the Bear, when they required you to swap films with other schools, was to film such that 5 frames were used where the other teams’ projector would only use 4 for the same interval, so that Alabama players appeared to be rather slow.)

I’m not sure it’s ever correct in the fall. I say that because the weights released are likely from the early summer when the media guide is produced. Those weights are correct then, but not when the season starts six to seven weeks later. And, there are gains and losses during the season.