Any injury updates?

Any updates on Catalon or Slusher?

We probably won’t know about them until tomorrow.

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Thanks Matt.

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Will Pitt actually give y’all much? I was thinking we the fans might not know until warm-ups next Saturday.

We will have a potential update from Sam on Monday at noon and then two practice viewing periods Monday and Tuesday to glean something. We will also talk to Sam twice on Wednesday, and then he has his radio show that night. It only makes sense he’ll know more as the week progresses.

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Rumor on another board is Catalon has same injury as last year and I guess is out for a long time. Slusher not bad but not playing this week against USC-E. Again, rumor.

HIPAA was enacted to protect the privacy of patients by limiting who has access to the patient’s health information.

Are coaches limited by HIPAA from releasing certain information about a player’s medical condition?

CSP tightly controls how much information is released concerning an injured player. Can’t tell if that is a tactical, coaching decision or is it a limitation imposed by the HIPAA law.

Tactical coaching decision.

I’d imagine they sign a limited HIPPA waiver as a condition to playing for the University — allowing coaches to discuss football injuries as they se fit. HIPPA is not as daunting/limiting as many think. Several workarounds.

Sam said if he knew he would tell us on his interview with SECN this morning. Take it for what it is worth, said MRI’s needed to be done and more information gathered. He and Beamer were neighborhood buddies in Athens and each obviously likes the other. Not sure if I wanted to hear Sam instead of Bumper (scheduled), but it seemed to flow well.

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