Any ideas on new TE coach?

if the current TE coach is taking over the OL after Davis’ departure,any names coming to mind or rumored as the new TE coach?

Rumor is either the AD’s son or Pittman’s agent’s son.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Joseph Henry (son of Judy Henry as jacksonreid notes) get a shot.

I text a couple of people about Henry possibly being the next TE coach shortly after Cody Kennedy switching to OL was obvious. Joseph was a walkon TE for the Hogs. Shall see.

If Sam hires Henry, we have a bad problem… you can’t lose coaches to a division rival, and replace them with GA’s…or QCs


Generally agree. But it’s an odd time to be making this hire. We might be relegated to it.

I bet Art Briles could coach tight ends.


Jason Whitten?

Don’t all great coaches start as GAs? Isn’t it good to build loyalty? Our head coach was an OL coach. Is that a bad problem too? Would like to know where your mind is before I engage too much on absolutes.

He’s not even been a GA so citiguex wouldn’t approve I’m sure.

Here is how I see it… our main division rival just came in here and hired our OL coach in June… so it was not an odd time for them to come in here and pluck or OL coach… They, LSU, did not have to promote a GA… additionally all these recruits we are trying to recruit from Louisiana and on the OL…well a message was just sent in that “good bye” tweet or whatever, to all of them to “stay home” because that’s where Brad Davis is going back to with his “Geaux Tigers”…

A message was sent !

I think we , the U of A, need to send one back! Hiring a GA, is not the message we need to send .


you want us to hire their TE coach?

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I’ve sent in my resume🤞🏾

Would Jerry Jones approve? That might be the question. Likely impossible. Just spitballing.

I want us to hire a coach, that doesn’t even have to be a TE coach specifically, that sends a positive message… not another GA or QC, who is just starting out… someone that recruits take notice off…


I don’t like the idea of a GA being elevated either.

  1. I think a statement needs to be made. Hire a PROVEN recruiter.

  2. I don’t think it’s a great look to hire the son of your agent that helped you get the job - poor optics IMO

  3. There needs to be a little seasoning on the offensive side of the ball. Briles, Kennedy, Guiton, and Henry is an awfully young staff and short on SEC experience which was my biggest concern about Morris’ offensive staff as well.


All solid points.

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name the budget

Agree. Sam elevates the experience level of all offensive coaches. However, I think the abject lack of experience of Morris and his offensive staff absolutely killed us. Really good point. We should be mindful of experience in hiring a TE coach.

Joseph Henry has NOT been a GA in about 7-8 years. He’s a quality control coach. He was on the field at two previous stops.

I have covered his background before on our site and in our magazine. Geez.


so a big blank is can he recruit and where can he recruit?? he would havt to fit any budget restraints we have because of what is on his resume, no guarantees that he will be the next Sam Carter. I love me some Sam Pittman for what we are and where we are on the road to being an important SEC factor again. However, I would have wanted Joe Brady and there is another Joe Brady in the making who is a TE coach for the Saints, Declan Doyle is also only an offensive assistant and not THE TE coach. Same career beginnings and trajectory as Joe Brady was on. It would take a lot to separate out from the Parcells-Payton-Campbell tree but might fit him.

Declan Doyle.

If we have the budget then go raid the Sooners and take their OL coach who is a stud recruiter making only 315k, top it big time and make a stunning hire.

It would need to be a budget blowing offer, because we are not yet at the level of getting established coaches wishing to move to Fayetteburg. Not many coaches who cannot cover and coach/teach other positions, what they are on paper may not fit what we need but will be just that answer when they show up.


I trust Sam Pittman to make the right hire.

As Clay pointed out, describing Joseph Henry as just the agent’s son is a disservice to Coach Henry

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