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Who might replace Earl Boykins? Would Joe Johnson be interested?

dont know if Joe ever got his degree…he graduated Central with my daughter in 99

Joe doesn’t need a job…Joe made a little over 200 million in NBA salary during his career. He also had some nice indorsement deals. I was told by someone in the know that he has been very smart with his money.

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I’d love to see Corey Beck get it. I bet he’d love to have the job. And, I believe Corey played for Muss in the professional ranks. I’ve seen articles where Corey speaks highly of Muss as a coach. I don’t know if Corey has graduated or if it is a requirement of the job Earl had.

Just because Joe has plenty of money doesn’t mean he might not want a new career, Jeff. He’s still very young. Just a thought.

I’m not sure Corey would move the needle with the kids we are recruiting now as much as recent NBA players like Earl and Joe would.

I’m not sure Joe has given up on his playing career yet.


Based on what has happened so far, I believe Muss wants someone who has either played in NBA and has some coaching experience or somebody that has coached before in the NBA.

I don’t think having played for the Hogs is part of Muss’s requirements list. Remember Scotty Thurman.

Don’t think anybody who’s coached in the NBA or has college coaching experienced would take the job that Earl had. That would be a large step down in pay and job title.

Now, you are probably right that he might want a recent ex NBA player. Corey has some pro experience, but I don’t believe he ever got a shot at the NBA did he?

Joe would fit that category whether he was a Razorback player or not.

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This is just me…but if I made over 200 million dollars and took care of my money, the last thing I would want to do is chase around 18-23 year old’s for 100k or so.

Maybe I’m different than most but if I hit the lottery there will be no more working, no two week notice and no retrieving my things from my job. I will be on the first thing smoking, chilling somewhere playing golf and watching hoops.


Obviously the small (to Joe) amount of pay would be insignificant in taking the job. If Joe had a real interest in getting into college coaching, it could be of interest to him. It would be a pretty good starting spot. If coaching basketball isn’t enticing to him in the future, then I’m sure he wouldn’t want the job.

Some NBA players want to stay in the game and some have no interest. I don’t know where Joe stands.

That was my original point. Does Joe have any interest in coaching? I know he has plenty of money, but like I said before, he’s still young. What does he want to do when his playing career is over?

You have a good point. I did not take into account that it was Boykins’s role that needs to be filled.

Didn’t I see that Joe was going to work with Derrian Ford this summer before he got back into AAU ball?

Yes. Joe has set up a training center (renting a facility I assume) to train Arkansas high school kids. Besides Ford, Bryson Warren and Layden Blocker and others have been working out there.

If I had ten million clear, I would soon see over one hundred cities and surrounding areas across the globe. I would have a personal assistant and a trainer. Off we would go.

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