Any Idea What Thomas Did?

Really disheartening to see that two seniors will likely begin this season suspended. My hopes for seeing Khalil Garland play this season are dimming too. Surprised that Gafford played only 15 minutes. Was he in foul trouble?

Picked up 2 quick fouls in the 1st half and probably only played 5 minutes. 2nd half he did a good job of staying straight up and effecting shots while staying vertical.

I’m not sure Khalil will play at all this season.

Tough deal for the young man, but he’s very fortunate that found it during the physical

Taking care of this young man’s health is more important than the game of basketball.

I’ve heard one thing, but am not 100 percent certain so I won’t put it out there. It wasn’t smart on his part, especially given he’s a senior, but isn’t something I’d consider overly serious. More immature.

I wouldn’t think it affects him or the team moving forward.