Any guesses on where Wise was last year?

How has he become this great rookie for Nee England? Where was this last year?

Hurt and not 100 percent.

Do flowers and wise both play for NE?


Wise was never healthy last year. It’s hard to play hurt.

Happy to see them healthy and playing for good money.

As someone else said, banged up with different stuff all year. He’s a good dude and did an admirable job not making excuses, but it affected his play. Obviously not the same player we’re seeing now.

Wish we had him healthy at one end and Agim at the other this year.

Rather than bemoan what we can’t control (the fact that Wise was hurt most of last season), let’s celebrate that this should be a GREAT recruiting tool for our coaches the next couple of seasons.


Deatrich is a great young man and felt real bad about not being healthy enough to produce to the level he was capable last season.

Wish Dallas had drafted Wise instead of Charlton. Taco will be a first round bust. Dallas should have drafted the linebacker from Bama.

Wise broke his hand against Louisiana Tech. Later, he had a separated shoulder. There was a knee injury along the way, too. The hand and shoulder injury were the worst of it. Lost his strength on that side.

Now that is an answer to the original question and what I pay for…thank you.