Any game time yet

For uapb?

It will be announced within the next few hours.

I may be the outlier on this board, but I prefer the early time slot. I’m not sitting around all day anticipating the game. Plus I have 4 school-age kids, so it gets the game over and leaves the rest of my Saturday for family time. I’d be just fine if the remainder of the games all get the early time slot.

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That’s surprising. I thought they’d bury that one at 3 pm against the CBS game. Unless there’s another 11 am CBS game to bury it.

Edit: lots of open dates that weekend. Only five SEC games total, and we’re the only nonconference game. Moo U-Vandy gets the burial spot at 3.


They ought to just go ahead and call the 11 AM game the “Arkansas game of the week”.


Trey Schaap (LR radio) tweeted that the October 30 game against Bye University will also start at 11 a.m. with the telecast on the SECNetwork 2 alt+ channel.


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