Any former Hogs or close relatives on this board?

Just wondering.

My dad was on JFB’s first UA team. He played in exactly one varsity game (thanks to limited substitution one-platoon football and a knee injury), but he was a Hog for three seasons. Played against Baylor, made a tackle against future NFL Rookie of the Year Ronnie Bull.

On the old HI board we had a poster, Jon Bercher, who is the son of Martine Bercher, an All-America DB on the 64-65-66 Hogs. Haven’t seen Jon on the boards in quite a while.

My father played on John Barnhill’s teams in the late ‘40’s. Lettered twice. My mother worked in the athletic department offices in the early 50’s. After the Korean War, my father came back and was a GA for Bowden Wyatt. They actually were introduced to each other in the press box at Razorback Stadium. And the rest, as they say, is history,

My uncle Billy Kyser played for JFB.
He still holds the record for KO return, 100 yards.
It’s been tied multiple times, but can’t be broken.

Kyser was the fastest player ever on the football field at Camden. Under used by JFB at Arkansas. But He and Moody did both have a 100 yard kickoff return in the same game.