Any football visitors today?

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Just wondering.

If we do have any recruits at the game today it appears they will have plenty of sections of seats to view the game.
Sad for our seniors, I’m sure this is not what they thought they signed up for four or five years ago.
Unfortunately, they’ve been part of an underperforming football program and fans just don’t show up on Saturdays for this.

Go Hogs!

I didn’t make it to the game. I’ll be at Moody’s announcement.

No official visitors.

What time is it again? Need something to look forward too

We need officials to be saved for the next coach to use as he sees fit.

6 pm.

Thank goodness we didn’t.

That would be like this time when I was a kid: My mom and dad were actually looking at buying a boat, there is a family in town that has one for sale. We meet them and the guy takes us out. We go for about 4 minutes and the engine quits. Can’t get it started. Have to be towed into the dock. It takes forever and it is hot. We are all hot and tired and unhappy when we finally get back to the dock. The guy looks at my dad and says (and was not being sarcastic) “well, what do you think, want to buy it?”

Needless to say dad didn’t buy a boat that day (or any day as it turned out).

I can’t imagine a kid being at this game and saying, “yes, I want to be a Razorback.”