Any clarification on Jones celebrating with the GaTech player --------

---------- and Musselman getting raving mad at him? With 1 second to go, Jones seemed to be acting like the game was over and Musselman is trying to get the team to set up to defend the final second.

It appeared they had subbed Jones out during the timeout and he didn’t know, and play was about to resume with Arkansas having six on the floor.

He was mad because he had subbed Jones out but he was down there talking trash to their point guard that was hurt. We had 6 players on the court and they almost inbounded the ball. Would have been a tech. Muss was about to stroke out…lol

I kinda like that he is a trash talker, but that was a little much. No question it will be addressed. He likes the attention that’s for sure. Hope he keeps it up. Kid is exciting. Confident. Gotta stay in the moment though.

CEM was screaming “You’re out” at Jones. He had subbed for him but MJ didn’t seem to know. We almost got a tech for 6 men on the floor. Complete lack of composure on MK’s part.

The kid just had the biggest moment of his career, as he said to Chuck in his post game interview. I’ll cut him some slack. Just don’t let it happen again.

Why didn’t CEM just call timeout? He had a couple left, unless they don’t carry over from regulation.

Mason Jones needs to grow up and think! That was uncalled for! I hope Muss gets in his fear end!

There is plenty to address after this one, beside Mason soaking it in.
We had a lot of careless unforced mistakes to clean up. Gotta work on our shooting. Work on zone. Again really nice win. But this one was wrapped up with a nice little bow on it late and we made some bad decisions unforced errors and forced some stuff we shouldn’t have to give it up. Exciting win though.

From what I could see watching on TV, I don’t know that he was trash talking the guy, I saw them shaking hands.


No he wasn’t trash talking that guy, but I should have clarified, he talks a lot during the game, talks to the crowd a lot. I like that myself.

I particularly like bounce passes into the other player’s feet.

Fortunately I think we have a great opportunity with these next 5 games to get that stuff cleaned up. I seemed as if we step out of bounds
or backcourt even, almost every game. Just little unforced awareness stuff, lose the dribble, force dribble into traffic, drives to nowhere, just possession killer stuff that we don’t have to do. Dumb passes.

I think we will get a lot of that stuff cleaned up. It will be a big deal when we do.

You know alot of guys trash-talk and it pumps the talker up too. Self- motivated tactic that most times works, Either way, glad we won. wps

Ugly win, but I’ll take it! Defense carries the day. This is not a finished product.
The offense will get rolling and then watch out! :sunglasses:

I was talking to the GT fan beside me and we were joking you win the game no no you win it. Neither team in OT could hit a shot and the turnovers! Not a point in OT until the last 20 seconds. Love it that we won but you aren’t going to win many games when you go 10 minutes without a bucket.

You also have to love CEM! After the game he came over to where most the fans were to call the hogs. He was excited as any of the players.

PS - I did not see any trash talking after the shot. It was just the celebration. They thought the game was over and didn’t realize the .1 sec left on the clock

Agree Gas, that game is CEM’s dream-we get a win and he has LOTS to teach this team.

If we keep us this defensive/rebounding intensity, and can find our shooting touch, we could be a dangerous team.

Definitely a work in progress, but man, is it nice for us to get lucky! For about the first time since the motorcycle hit the ditch.


Totally right. This game was a great teaching moment for Muss. We just had a very good team expose some work we need to do on attacking a good zone defense. We actually had a lot of good shot opportunities that we just missed. But we won and he still gets lots to teach them with. He will also get them to act like they have been there before and to not, almost, get a technical foul (for storming the court or 6 men on the floor, etc.) that might have let GaTech win with .1 second left.

He might learn to call a timeout in that situation as well.

Coach most definitely should have called a timeout. If we had been hit with a technical that allowed GT to win, the loss would have been directly on his shoulders, nothing sacred about timeouts. Stubbornness can cost you a game. This all assumes he had a timeout to use.

It appeared to me that Mason had been the target by the Georgia Tech students (maybe in pre-game). He was looking at them after several buckets and I think he was after his made shot at the end. Don’t know what they did, but they did seem to give him motivation throughout the game. You can’t let the fans get in your head, but he seemed to use it the right way, for motivation – although at the end maybe it was too much of a distraction to the point he almost was the sixth man on the floor.

The court is not the same as the one these kids have played on their whole life. The three point arc is 10 inches closer to the sideline than last year, 16 inches farther out around the top of the key. I know they’ve been practicing with the new markings, but it’s still a pretty substantial difference, and our guys are not the only ones who step out of bounds on the sideline. Heck it happened last year with the old markings.

Stepping on the halfcourt line is a brain fart, no doubt about it. That line is still 43 feet from the backboard.