Any chance

That van horn uses Murphy as the Sunday starter now. Kid pitched a great game against Memphis. That would leave alberus for relief for any weekend game. If not Murphy then what about ryndal as permanent game 3 starter. However he might be our best option at closer. I know I misspelled names but you get the gist of the post.

I think there is a chance Murphy will start Sundays moving forward because there will be no more midweek games. I see Reindl as a reliever more than a starter.

What about the injured - will any of them be back by playoff time.

Haven’t done a good job of keeping up but I had the impression that some good hurlers went down early.

I would like to see an update on all - and thanks.

I don’t think Campbell, McKinney or Scroggins are throwing right now. Mckinney and Scroggins had Tommy John surgery.