Any chance we get Morris and Venables?

Weren’t they coordinators together at Clemson?

Maybe friends?



Comes as well because Morris, like the coach we just fired, doesn’t know what defense is.

How can you say that? He might run a high octane offense, but that hardly means he doesn’t know D. If we hire Venables will you say he doesn’t know offense? That he’s never been an HC?

Venables and Morris know the game of football. I also believe not everyone will be satisfied no matter who is hired.
The fire CBB crowd can now find something else to do for 3 years.

SMU was only slightly better than Hogs, giving up 34 pts./ game

Bingo. No matter who we hire someone will find fault. Those same people will be calling for his scalp the first sign of trouble, too. Our fans are really no better than Auburn’s. Biggest difference is the AU administration is as crazy as its fans.