any chance we could get a true or false session ?


any chance you would revive your true or false edition on recruiting like you have done in year’s past? Have really enjoyed those segments.


That sounds great! Thanks Duds!

True or False: Arkansas came close to offering Byars and BJ Thompson?

Arkansas pulled offer to Thomas Johnston thus him going to UAB?

Michael Smith an Barry Lunney are only recruiters on the staff?

Being Bret Bielema will continue?

I will post more as I can think of them

We will get Stewart and Calloway as DBs?

We will get Malik Young?

We will get another DE to finish?

We will hold 25 for a transfer student who we already have in the pipeline but Dudley won’t divulge the name.

Dudley will never, ever divulge a KYSO prospect again because he has been burned by the likes of KJ Hill and Michael Dyer?

Dudley has grown tired of recruits lying to him, thus making him look incompetent when he reports what they tell him?


Froholdte will be All SEC 1st team before he graduates.

       Austin Allen will be the preseason 2nd team All SEC QB next year.

       If Bret only wins seven games next year he will be gone.

      Paul Rhoads will have the same impact as DC that Smith did in his first year, a huge turn around in the defense.

      Arkansas collapsed in several games last year because it is a fragile balance of over achieving less talented players trying to play harder, smarter, more mistake free while relying on schemes to win, not talent, and when that gets off-balance, it falls like a house of cards.

To compensate for failing to have any corners in last year’s initial recruiting class, they went for very few defensive linemen this year to make room for more secondary recruits.

Wisconsin beating LSU this past season shows that what worked for CBB in Wisconsin will work in the SEC West when he gets his system established thoroughly.

The talent required to compete successfully in the SEC West is much higher than that required to be competitive in the Big Ten. CBB has to recruit better at Arkansas than he did at Wisconsin.

OK, since we’re compiling questions here for the T/F session now, I’m sticking this to the top of the board until Dud does the T/F.

T or F
We should wait until a complete list of T/F questions are compiled from Dudley only?


I am going to try and answer these tonight before I head off Friday for Houston and the Super Bowl

Got a couple of stories to knock out first

We lost a recruit this year due to someone else offering improper benefits.