Any chance that the ASU def. end in the portal follows his former teammate to the Hogs?

Jacobs, the former ASU cornerback, transferred to the Hogs and now Bradley-King, the ASU all conference defensive end is in the portal. We for sure needed more defensive backs in Odom’s new system. Do we need another end and, if so, is this a good one to go after?

Arkansas is out of scholarships to offer… So unless he walks on🤷‍♂️

Did Jordon Jones transfer yet? If not, would his scholarship be available when he does? Or has that ship already sailed and he would not be welcomed back?

Jordan Jones is gone, he won’t be back. He COULD come back, because I believe his scholarship just applies to the roster of 85.

Any transfer you bring in now, would count toward the 2020 class. Like I said before, Arkansas doesn’t have any scholarships to offer.

Arkansas has already signed their full allotment of 25 initial scholarship counters for 2020.
The unwritten definition of NCAA rule
Any student-athlete with LESS than one academic year on campus. who is awarded a scholarship in football, regardless whether a walk-on, graduate student transfer or a transfer MUST become both an initial scholarship counter (25) and a scholarship counter in the overall limit of 85.

Again Arkansas has signed their full allotment for 2020. Arkansas can not sign anyone to an Initial scholarship until Dec. 16, 2020 and they can go on scholarship in January, 2021.

What is Catrell Wallace’s status? If he isn’t allowed to enroll, will his scholarship be open for 2020 season?

We have zero scholarships available for 2020, you don’t get back a scholarship, no matter the reason the signee doesn’t make it to campus.

Nothing has been announced.

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