Any chance Shaddy comes back?

Any possibility on this happening for a chance at Omaha?

I doubt he’ll be back.

he needs too,has a lot of work to do to hit at the next level.and IMO probably a OF

Shaddy isn’t a great pro prospect and another year isn’t going to change that. It will be best for him to take whatever money he is offered this year. It’ll probably be more than he could make without a leverage year.

Does he have his degree? He has been in school for four years.

I don’t think so.

you never what he might do with a yr in the weight room,he is out of position i think,but I would like to see him put on 15 lbs and see how he hits,

Well … He’s back (he wasn’t drafted).

Shaddy has seemed out of position wherever he has been. He came in as a catcher, was tried at third and in the outfield, and settled at second. He has looked as good there as anywhere, but he is a defensive liability.

i would like to see him in LF to replace arledge,he is faster than Bonfield and much better arm

Cole Turney might be the left fielder if he makes it to campus, which I think he will. It’s going to be hard to keep his bat out of the lineup.

I’ll be interested to see if Bonfield changes positions next year. It seems that teams don’t think much of him as an outfielder and he needs to do more than just DH to help his draft stock. Maybe first base?

I have never known what should be his position. A major league outfielder should hit with power, right? So I don’t know that left field is his position. Van Horn told me scouts see him as a second baseman, if there is a position for him. Or, maybe as his arm continues to recover, he’d be a utility guy. I think there will be a very good group of outfielders who can hit next year, so I wouldn’t think Shaddy would be needed there. Jaxon Williams is going to be a good second baseman. And, they have more talent coming in with middle infield ability. Jack Kenley is a good prospect, too.

I thought he had already decided to come back…DVH said williams had a long way to go in his closing inerview and that he would have several to beat out with whats coming in.I just said LF becasue of his speed and arm and he did hit 8 hrs and if he bulked up he might hit more…what round did turney go in??ths team can be awesome if our pitching is as good as it appears it will be.

Shaddy has said he’ll be back. The only reason to doubt that is he wasn’t expected to return. So him coming back would cause a roster move somewhere down the line.

Turney was drafted in the 34th round. There was a time in high school that he was thought to be a first-round pick, so I’m sure it was a high-dollar amount that caused him to fall. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t in school.

It looks like DVH is going to have some tough roster decisions to make next year (let alone scholarship decisions). The bench looks very deep for next year. With a lot of pitchers coming back and coming in (they usually seem to get pretty good scholarships), it looks like scholarship distribution for position players will be difficult. I wonder if DVH will have to run a few guys off this summer?

Scholarships for position players are rare. Almost all of them are either walk-ons are on academic money. Pitchers get the bulk of the scholarships. If a position player is a stud, then he might get 33 percent. That’s the minimum. But very few get that. When you look in the field, the only one on scholarship is generally the pitcher.

I was not aware of that. I knew of the very limited scholarship money, but did not know that the distribution was skewed that heavily toward the pitchers. Has it always been so, or more-so over the last, say, 15 years or so?

That helps me to understand how many players move around and/or never really get started in baseball. If you’re paying your own freight and not playing, it’s a lot different than if your education is being payed for.

It also explains why so many of our players are from states contiguous to Arkansas - because many of them get the reduced tuition break players from far away probably can’t.

Wow, that is interesting. So, “Studs” like Bennintendi came hundreds (even thousands of miles away) fo no more than 33 percent scholarships?

Wow, that is interesting. So, “Studs” like Bennintendi came hundreds (even thousands of miles away) fo no more than 33 percent scholarships?

Yes. That 11.7 FTE scholarship money doesn’t go very far, and pitching is always at a premium.

D-1 baseball is a game for middle class kids and up, or really smart kids. Kids with tough economic situations at home are probably better off signing if they are good enough to get drafted.

They actually have a name for the smart kids who play with high academic scholarship money: Brainers. They also can help your graduation rates average yearly progress numbers.

Its the same way in softball only more extreme and somewhat different. Good softball pitchers often command full scholarships since they can pitch a lot games (a lot more games than a baseball pitcher) and are highly sought after. The scholarship hit is less since there are usually a lot fewer softball pitchers on a roster than baseball pitchers. There were only five pitchers listed on this year’s Ladyback softball roster.