any chance Devion Warren get a look at QB

i know we are after Bohannon but to me Warren is a perfect fit for Morris offense as well. electric with the ball in his hands!

I suspect that you’d better be accurate throwing the ball if you’re going to play for Chad Morris. But interesting suggestion.

his highlights look pretty good throwing it…definetley something that could be worked with.

You could play him a little bit in a Wildcat package, but as we saw this year when he returned kicks, you don’t want to expose him to a lot of big hits. He’s just not big enough to endure a lot of contact at the college level.

The good news is that he should get more looks in space with the new offense.

i hear ya about hits but hes about the same size as Nick Marshall was at Auburn,probably won’t happen but might be worth a look.

I don’t think Devion is nearly as big as Marshall. I think he’s more in the 5’10 175-180 range while Marshall was listed at 6’1 and around 205.

oh ok I didn’t realize Marshall was that big…

I think since Warren played QB in high School that if coaches thought he was a fit there for college he would have gotten offers as a QB

Hmmmm Logic and Reason? :wink:

the only reason I brought it up was he was quoted as saying he was told he would get a look at QB or I thought he did…

He was told he might get a look at being in the Wildcat some.

If he does become a QB, you can say you called it first

lol Ok good deal!I would hope we get him on the field soon,heck of an athlete