Any Chance Connor Noland will reconsider FB?

I was curious if anybody thought Connor may give FB another try depending on coach? That ship may have sailed but wondering if new coach may reach out to him to gauge interest.

That wouldn’t be a very good idea! Why risk injury when he has a possible future in baseball. I wouldn’t if I was in his shoes.

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I don’t see that happening.

I’m going to guess he will be in a football uniform next August. He will put the University’s needs above his own. That’s just how he is. Plus he’s probably better than anybody else on campus.

I don’t see him as being better than KJ Jefferson, and I also don’t see him giving up a chance for MLB in a couple of years.

I’m sorry but few players are thinking of any University these days, they are dreaming of the NFL, not the school. I am talking about the top flight players.

Agree with Matt. Don’t see Connor playing football.

Now that we finally got to see KJ, he appears to not be as near ready for the SEC as I expected. I’m not sure how great his coaching was, but his passing is really suspect.

If we get Kiffin or leach, maybe they can bring him along quickly during spring, summer, and fall. If not, maybe they can work miracles with Starkel, who was twice as good as he was after Morris and his OC got hold of him.

Connor will do what’s in his best interest for his future. If that is football, that’s what he will do. Right now it isn’t. But that could change.

Never know, but I’ve always thought his quitting football was probably in the best decision hall of fame.

Something to consider on Noland: Because of the change to the MLB Draft date, he is now a draft-eligible sophomore, which means he might not even be on campus when the next football season begins. I would be surprised if he is drafted high enough to entice him to leave after his sophomore year, but baseball can be unpredictable.

Thanks everybody for the replies, good stuff.

One more thing to consider, Connor is projected to be one of Arkansas’ weekend starters. There are only three of those positions. Being a weekend starter in the SEC is a prestigious position. He has the opportunity to really make a name for himself.