Any chance Big Dan could meet with CEM?

Any chance Muss could give DG feedback on His draft potential? Has DG hired an agent?

Yes he has hired an agent

Gafford hired an agent right after the SEC Tournament and has been working out in Miami for nearly a month.

Thanks…I missed that he had hired an agent.

You can hire an agent and still return to school

Hard to return when you quit in the middle of a semester. Whether he hired
an agent or not would be academic, as his academics would not be in order.

As much as I liked DG and his abilities, he made a decision to quit on his team
and school. I know its all a “business” decision and some will understand, but
seems most other draft eligible players opted to stay the course while their
teams still played be it NIT or NCAA.

That ship has sailed. Or, that airplane has left. You can say it a lot of ways, but it’s all the same. He is not coming back.

Daniel is a Razorback through and through. Insiders reported that he turned down “nice” offers from other schools because he wanted to be a Hog.

I respect that a lot in these days of “business decisions”.

All the best to Daniel.

That’s right Clay. Daniel left that night on a plane. I sure hope we don’t see his basketball career heading for Spain. I’m curious about Keyshawn. Will he have a conversation with CEM before he says goodbye?

Keyshawn is in a car to Tulsa but he’s just as gone as Dan is.

Keyshawn leaving is a good thing. I think he is going to be a legit D1 guard, but we have bigger needs then another combo guard with a sporadic outside shot.

Let’s hope Coach Muss can use the available schollies to fill some much needed holes in the roster like he has in the past. Be it transfers, juco’s and/or recruits.

I would be a bit surprised Musselman didn’t encourage at least one player to move on to a different place. While I think he wants to keep the core group of players together, I also believe that he would like some open scholarships to bring in some of his own players.

I don’t get the Daniel bashing the kid gave us two great years .I know we down here in El Dorado aka (Da Pound) are proud of him

He’s pretty much collateral damage from all things Coach Anderson. Lol

Three weeks ago everyone thought Dan should go and should’ve gone last year. Now we think he should come back?

Lol come on man

Just re-read the thread. Don’t believe anyone mentioned that they thought he should come back, but rather wondering if that was an option.

According to the new rules it is.

Is calling someone a quitter who left the team before the season was over “bashing”? No doubt he loved the Razorbacks. Just not as much as he loved himself. I’m glad he came to Fayetteville. I appreciate what he did while he was here. Fact is though that he quit on the team.

I’m proud of Big Dan as well! I wish the young man nothing but the best! I respect him for staying home and playing for our hogs!

Rod Thompson, Keyshawn’s AAU coach and 2020 standout Bryce Thompson’s dad, will be an assistant at Tulsa.

That Hurricane has blown through.