Any Brandon Martin updates?

Is hamstring close?

The only update I can offer is that he still is not on the two-deep at receiver this week. That doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t travel.

I would sure like to see him on the field. Nance has been a suprise.

I saw him on the sidelines Saturday, he was dressed out. Did not notice in warm ups if he was doing much of anything.

Supposedly, he had a good week of practice. So I think he’s finally healthy.

We need him to get some rust knocked off this week, because we will need his size against the mugging Corners of Bama.

Bama wins by roughing up the WR’s with big physical CB’s that usually have the size advantage over WRs.

Brandon Martin could be VERY valuable against Bama with his size and speed.

Bama’s corners are almost always really good. Those dudes fight for every ball like it is their pass to catch, not the receiver’s. Those guys have great ball skills, like a good receiver does. Why can’t we get some of those guys?

For one we don’t get to mug the receivers like they do, that helps a lot when they get to push u off your route.

See TAM game on our PI in OT.
Bama, in the SEC do not get called like that.

If you watch the bowls or playoffs they get called then because it is not SEC officials.

They are damn good but no one can catch balls with a 200 lb man hanging all over you

It helps Bama to be able to clutch and grab worse than the weak Curl PI that lost us the TAMU game–on every pass play-- get called for none or one, and if one, watch as Saban loses his mind on the refs and gets the next 5 calls.

They are great but they also get an obscene amount of deference that would make any defense a lot better.

On the teleconference yesterday, Bielema seemed to indicate that Martin could play this weekend. He said he had a strong practice Tuesday and could be a boost to the Razorbacks in the red zone.

Which probably means we will see him used as a decoy in the red zone.

Good decoys often become good targets.

If his decoying gets O’Grady or Nance open in the end zone, I’m good with that.


If his decoying gets O’Grady or Nance open in the end zone, I’m good with that.
[/quote]If he’s used as a decoy, he’s not well. If he’s well, they’ll throw to him…too much strength, too much height, when the rest of the WRs are skinny and short.

Brandon Martin might be used in more than the Red Zone.

I kind of like the decoy idea. Makes sense. CBB mentions him in red zone packages at the presser. SC coaches take note. Giant WR enters game with ball at the SC 12. Carolina DB’s give him extra attention. Pass goes to the other side of the field. Now I just hope there are no SC coaches monitoring this board.

I am sure all the SEC Coaches read this board to learn from all of our great ideas. Way more football knowledge here than any coach anywhere has. We are great coaches, especially on Sunday.