Any BB grad transfers on the radar?

I’d love to add this guy on the wing to provide spacing for Gafford if a scholarship opens.

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There are some on the radar.

He’s a high volume shooter in taking nearly half the teams shot attempts. If you’re going after a graduate transfer I’d prefer a high volume shot blocker or leading rebounder in division II.

We are one injury away from needing help in the interior…not so much at the guard position.

Obviously there has to be some movement on the roster. I would think we’ll know fairly soon.

They usually have end of the season meetings with the players after the Final Four games.

So we are likely to have some info very soon

Yeah, but he made 42% of his treys on 159 attempts. Shoots 86% from the line. Evansville had zero inside game. Their top five in minutes were 6-5 and under. He’s a knockdown shooter. Put him out there with Joe or Jones. That’s a lot of gravity taking mass out of the lane.

He makes some sense. This could open up the inside game if the opposition tries a lot of double coverage. Maybe the outside game as well if other good outside shooters are left uncovered. Maybe we need just a bit more depth with very good outside shooters plus some additional improvement with another very capable big. Sounds like we are getting closer if our concerns now are in fine tuning the machine!

If you’re replacing a SG with him (hint)…then yes I can go for that. But a SF then I’d focus on the interior.