Any Baye updates?

When does he plan to commit, 11/16?

Fall and Diop are on 15th I believe.

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We have the crystal ball for both. I would be thrilled to add them to Blocker and then add a stud sniper out of the portal. We are gonna have really good depth to surround them next season.

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I think we get some nice portal peeps. I think we get a shooter that can defend. I don’t think he’s going to go get a situational shooter. He may already have one in the making on the roster actually.

We have a lot to offer. We are on the scene as a basketball program destination. Another 6’6 guy that can shoot and defend, he’s out there somewhere.


Ahh, to have a highly athletic, intense defensive, big and physical, thunder dunking, electric 3 point shooting, ball handling, fast paced, high scoring basketball team.

I dream.

Tuesday at 5:30. Ark or Aub for Baye. I think Arkansas wins out but will see?

Tuesday is my birthday…I’m calling it now for the Hogs as a BD present. These guys aren’t going to let me down! I can feel it


Thirty-nine never looked so good.

I wish I was still 39…

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Me too.

I was 39. 39 years ago.

I’m getting real close to 65. But I’m a much better basketball player today than I was at 39. 39 year old me was not a threat beyond the arc. You better get a hand in older me’s face.

That’s ok my dad has been 28 going on 29 for 50 years now