Any Austin Aune sightings today?

It sounds like Ty Storey did not get the memo that he will not be a factor in the QB battle.

Coach Morris said they went on seniority ay quarterback.

He has not got a 1-2-3 yet.

Players talk a lot about Daulton Hyatt.

I’m happy to see guys getting the opportunity to show what they have to offer can’t ask for any more than that, you have to make the best of your chance. WPS

I saw Aune throwing on the sideline, but I do not remember him having any snaps.

Daulton was mentioned in the press conference but I didn’t see his name on the stat line. Did he play in the scrimmage?

Aune is about fourth or fifth on the pecking order at QB. I do not believe he will be a factor anytime soon. Probably a long way to go to get back in the swing of football.