Any Area where we improved from Last Spring?

Is there any area where we improved from what we saw in the spring? Looks like even mediocre coaching should be able to demonstrate some improvement given over 4 full months of coaching contact. Doesn’t look like anyone is able to match strength with our SEC counterparts.

Reminds me of the definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing you have always done but expecting different results.” The excuses of poor players is wearing thin. What works at SMU doesn’t seem to work in the SEC.


Recruiting . Which was our greatest weakness .


Yes. Nailed it.

Until these recruits sign the dotted line they are still fair game for our SEC brothers to take them away from us. I will keep my fingers crossed that that won’t happen.

There’s an open spot for them all to play.
I think after the LSU game the defense totally quite and so do the Oline. Poor QB play all year and no clear front runner going into next year to start. Blow it up and send them packing. Or trade for UAB’s team.

Limpert improved tremendously IMO.

Special teams for sure. That’s the only area I can think of.

using the TEs and O’ Grady