Any additional surprises coming?

Seems like a solid day so far

I personally believe that the days of the ‘super-secret’ recruit and what used to be the ‘real’ signing date in Feb. are now a thing of the past

It’s the portal now. Look for guys that can give you immediate help.

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How many more scholarships can we offer? And, as our guys enter portal, does that free up scholarships for transfers?

While I was eating lunch I had ESPN 2 on and some guy said that Arkansas was trying to get in late on Jake Garcia, the much traveled QB from California who ended up in Georgia for his pandemic senior year.

No on guys leaving, and Pittman just said we have 1 spot left in this class, but we can push 3 into next year’s class if we choose. So, that makes 4 if we wish to do that.

He will announce tonight. Hes not something we will burn a scholly on. Looks like Miami.

Gotta say I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed because I thought the Hogs looked pretty salty at times this season…so salty, I assumed the recruiting might spike up. Well, I didn’t see a spike since the beginning of the season.

Sure hope this season’s progress will lead to improved recruiting next season.

I feel just the opposite, we kept every kid we had committed, and added 2 STUD DT’s! I feel like this has been a very good day, that our program continues to steadily improve.


Daboar, I’m disappointed in your comments! What does it mean in the grand scheme of things! Nothing!!!

I don’t think I said I was disappointed in our coaches…

The coaches liked these recruits enough to have offered a long time ago. Some were recruited before the staff was at UA (and that means for over a year). So, if you like the coaches you trust that they got on these players early, got them to sign on to the Pittman Era, and then not bail. Hard to have those wins translate when the class was full before they occurred.

Goodness, gracious. We need to learn to embrace the greatness we are living, rather than living in a Cindarella world where three wins transforms us into one of the giants of the “recruiting national championship.”

Don’t look now: the class signed by Bama is as impressive as any I’ve seen. They aren’t competing with the SEC-W, the SEC-E…they are competing to remain a fixture in the “Final Four.” So, let’s focus on 2nd place for now. Get there, and then plan on how to beat Bama.


I got a text about him early Monday morning. Did some checking and yes Arkansas was on him but two sources called it a long shot for the Hogs.

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