Anxious today!

I’m a little anxious about today’s games. Only because the opportunity to maintain or hopefully increase our lead in the West. Especially with LSU and aTm looming. Even if we lose one today, or hopefully sweep, we will at least be up two games and maybe three, right?

We can really get some separation today or we can fall back to the pack… Win both & we’re 3 games up on the nearest second. Split & we’re still ahead. Lose 2 & we’re tied with MSU for the west.

I’m worried about a 7 inning game, especially with their ace starting today. If he’s on, he could throw a complete game. Still, I like our chances of winning at least one. However, I’m anxious, too.

we’d still have a one-game lead over the leg-humpers even if we were to drop both games today.

Doesn’t matter; we’re gonna sweep the kitties.

Oops. You’re right. But I hope you’re right that we win both & increase our lead.