Anxious to see whether our strength coach stays

What will Coach Morris do about a strength coach? We had/have one of the best around.

It seems every fan base thinks their strength coach is the best until the next one comes through. I do not think Herbert will be retained, and within a few months there will be lots of talk of how the new concepts will make the team better. It’s just the way it is with that position.

Ours wasn’t the best around. Teams with great strength coaches don’t fail in the second half like ours did repeatedly


Concur. In year five, our team was physically dominated and collapsed in the second halves. Just like the end of year four.


Yea I was not impressed with Ben Herbert after all of his hype wore downafter year 2. Way overrated imo.

Lots of look no show

Lack of speed and foot injury by Herb…no thanks

I’d rather have the freaks come out on game day rather than at night.

#Leftlane #Hammerdown

Yep, not a BodybyHerb fan. Too many 2nd half drop offs.

Couldn’t agree more. No real results that I can see. Get somebody better.

I have to agree with a lot of people here. I wasn’t impressed with our conditioning. If you observe the bodies on the elite SEC teams and their players, their muscles ripple. Our guys just don’t seem to compare. I have always felt that if you pay your dues in the weight room, you feel like a stud and you play like a stud (to the bitter end).

THIS oh, THIS! I have laughed at so many comments every time the strength coach changes! The new guy is a miracle worker and the old guy was a hack, every time!

As Matt noted earlier, the strength and conditioning staff were let go today