Anxious to see the Hog girls in Tuscalooser tonite

Hope they continue to raise their scores. Pretty sure a score of 197 will be required to win the meet. For sure, a crowd exceeding 10,000 will attend.

Anyone else coming?

Not necessarily. High 196 will get it done probably. It is going to tough.

In Bama’s home meets this year, they’ve scored 197.400 and 197.550. Low 197s may not be enough to win.

Small crowd at moment!

I read that Bama’s combined average score for both home and away is 196.865. That is what I had based my comment on.

Gotcha, but gymnastics gets home cooking from the judges. That, and the girls tend to perform better on their home floor just like basketball does.

Takes a 49.25 in each eveNot to get to that 197. After first Gymbacks 49.05 vs Bama’s 49.35. Anchor Laird had unfortunate fall from bars.

Bummer had two falls on balance beam meaning one of them must be counted. Suddenly we have a chance to win.

147.1 to 147.05.

Lovett had a super 9.925 on floor.

Bama is strong on floor. Let’s see what happens.

Fred…we’ll expect you to call the Hogs with wild abandon for those young ladies tonight. Okay?

What was the final score?

196.625 Bama
196.100 Ark

First Bama floorist fell and severely injured her ankle (I guess), leaving them on thin ice. But they were solid and posted 5 scores exceeding 9.9 to run away witth it. Ark was a little unsettled on the beam, although they had one 9.925 (if I remember correctly).

Yes even though the commentators thought our beam scores were low as they stuck all their landings. They really must improve their vault scores which always drags them down.

That is respectable. Give coach a little more time and she will have some of these Other SEC coaches taking notice.

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