ANtonio Brown

I s AB finished with the Raiders?

The raiders need him. But he’s such a jerk they may have to void his contract.

Guess its a bit more understandable why the Steelers were so willing to let AB go for almost nothing in trade and also absorb a big salary cap hit. My comment for the Raiders comes to us from Jim Nabors:

If smart Raiders cut their losses and cut “Baby” Brown. :sunglasses:

Looks like they listened to you

Whoever signs him better have a pacifer and play box for him to use :sunglasses:

I think he should apply for Bozo the Clown job :crazy_face:

Looks like I was correct for once. Good move by the Raiders!

Kudos to the Raiders. If more teams would take a hard line like this we would see a lot less diva behavior.

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Extremely talented individual, but is a diva.

I applaud the decision. The Raiders will be better in the long run without him.

Watch either the Chiefs, Cowboys or Patriots sign him as a free agent with a contract loaded with incentives and behavioral clauses.


I think it was absolutely the right move by the Raiders. So tired of seeing this type of crap from someone that suppose to be a professional. Will be interesting how all the money works out. I know the Raiders think they are off the hook for most if not all of it, but I’m sure with Drew as his agent and a shitload of litigation this will be a long process before we really know the result. I also cannot see the Players Association sitting still about this. This sets a bad precedent for them and the whole idea of guaranteed money. AB may have not just screwed himself, but also future players as well. Very interesting to see where this all goes from here.

Yawn…NFL period.

Not been interested in years. Include NBA. Will watch MLB a little but not much.

I said the same thing, and he does indeed go to the Pats.

I follow him on Twitter, maybe he acted like this to get out of his Raiders contract and play for a real team, he’s kinda hinting at it. Wonder if he can get tampering charges from the NFL?

Wow…Raiders got played. AB had no intention of playing there. All modern athletes have to do now is throw fits, make enough noise and trouble to make a team fire them, then they get their way.

And I thought Gus played the UA. Damn.

WOW, with the speed with which he got picked up by the Pats and a contract worked out, this whole thing now smells like a planned effort to get out of the Raiders camp and get to a contender. Really got to wonder if stuff was done behind scenes before Raiders even released him, if so that is definitely tampering.

I cannot remember, but when the Steelers originally traded him, did they deny him going to some place like the Pats. Just can’t remember. If so, then AB has just laid out the blueprint for how to get traded, then get control of your own situation, and go where you want.

I think the NFL needs to take a long hard look at this. It destroys the whole restricted free-agent / trade process. I’m sure there will be more to come.

New England
$15 mil $9mil signing bonus
My guess with BB, there will be a zero tolerance policy.

Wow, too bad he is not eligible to play this week!

Watch Gronk come back…

I’ll bet Brown will have zero problems with the new helmets when he arrives in NE…

Rumor is around week 6