I keep waiting for somebody to blame this game on the uniforms. Come on, don’t you guys have it in you? I think I’ve already seen enough blame on the refs to satisfy me. Or, if not, I know that’s coming. But I need someone to blame the uniforms. That’ll round it out nicely.

Nope! But I hate the uniforms. I’m proud of red and white.

The refs are beating us! (SARCASM)!!!

When the Tigers hit their second 3 my wife yelled “YES”…

Then she said “oh…that is not us…why are we wearing black”?

Soon after she went to bed. I should have followed her…

Maybe the TV audience will not recognize the ARKANSAS basketball team. They say ARKANSAS colors are red and white!

I’m not sure if this team is deserving of wearing traditional Razorback colors any longer.

Go Hogs!

I will gladly blame the uniforms. Razorbacks are RED and WHITE. I want to know who chose this color. I would like to inform them to go work for cheer for and make decisions for that team. Razorbacks are Red and White. Someone should be fired or asked to resign. We tried this once in football. If you want to change colors…change teams and leave the Razorbacks out of your “redefinition”.

I am not happy for Mike but he is playing 9 freshman and he needs the years for his team to grow up but if you are ashamed of Red and White PLEASE LEAVE!!!

Finally, someone needs to NAME NAMES, some needs to accept responsibility for this abomination. You as an individual do not have this right but you can STEP UP and accept responsibility.

Put them in white T shirts and use a marker and put a number on them.

If only it were the uniform.

Maybe the coaches should wear T -shirts and numbers and have to earn the suits back.

in the 90’s I thought our alternate colors were red,white and occasionally black… Why change from black to grey as an alternate?

I like the black better… the all black we wore in the PK last year was awesome

Charcoal is made for burning and that’s just what we should do with those unis.

what is the attraction to anthracite? It is just a dull ugly gray. Seems a great marketing trick by the manufacturers to convince schools they need to buy another set of uniforms.

I thought the same thing about both. Have the kids earn their uniforms back, and have the coaches earn their suits back. But, I’m almost positive in this day and age, if you did that, Mike would be the only one left. The rest would leave complaining he was too mean.

Now, we have 3 reasons why we’ve been losing…

  1. The teams ahead of us cheated to get their Jimmy’s & Joe’s
  2. The refs are against us
  3. The ugly anthracite unis

I love’m, wish we had black ones too. Loved those as well.