Anthracite for Sat big deal...

These things get lots of pub but don’t win you ballgames

Let’s get back to basics …blocking tackling avoiding unforced errors and beating ourselves before the snap

Last thing most are concerned about after the Plains debacle is the uniform

Have we done anything in our off week to finally put the Fla curse to rest???

Rant over :frowning:

I don’t think it’s a big deal. As I’ve said many times, it’s just fabric. Uniforms never caught a pass or made a tackle or picked up a blitz. If the players like it, fine. If this is just UA marketing going on, oh well. But no big deal either way.

The players like it. It happens at other schools.

I can’t see how it took any time out of prep.

We have not beaten Florida on the football field wearing red or white since we entered the SEC, so I am willing to try any thing once.

Everybody knows the uniform style is not a factor in winning or losing. It is supposed to be fun.

Every one of us knows we got our butts kicked at Auburn. What are you gonna do? Live with it and move on.

We are not a dominant, talented team. We are going to have to fight for every win. 7-5 was my prediction. That looks about right, but I am hoping for 9-3. That was Clay’s prediction, I think.

Let’s try and enjoy the last 4 games. The grey and silver are cool.

Not sure anyone is claiming that a uniform change is helping anyone win or lose ballgames and I doubt dressing anthracite has hindered any Florida prep.

I’m hoping it protects our QB.

Maybe it will generate a pass rush.

I’m all for getting back to basics. For me that includes cardinal jerseys and hats in RRazorback Stadium.

After 56-3 that privilege has been forfeited. Must re-earn…

I don’t like those colors, but since it’s not something we do very often & since other schools do the same thing occasionally, I’ve kinda gotten over it. I don’t think it serves any purpose, but mostly right now I just don’t care. After that debacle at Auburn I just want to win. If we lose tomorrow, we can still have a good season, but I could also see it going south. So on balance, I’m not going to pay much attention to the uniforms.