Anthony Mathis

Per Rothstein Hogs have contacted him. Grad transfer from New Mexico.

Doubt much comes out it but still found it interesting. Almost tells you that if someone is good enough out there cough Blackshear cough they’ll make room.

Also Senor Davenport is everything still good on Moss? Any word on when he is suppose to report?

Hmmmm, another Guard interesting.

Looks like a shooter that can penetrate and make FT’s (career 43% 3pt, 88% FT).

Maybe he is in summer school at Iowa to complete courses to graduate.

I’m told everyone is on campus minus Whitt and Moss.

Whitt is suppose to be there this weekend and Moss later this month or early July.

Thank you Senor!

Why in the world are we considering another guard?

Don’t even like to think any issue w Moss. We need him

Recruiting never stops