Anthony Brown and Jaylen Lewis

With all of the injuries we’ve had in the secondary, any news or thoughts about where they might be on the depth chart? We’ve moved two other true freshmen, Mbake and McAdoo over from wide receiver; was that an indirect statement about where Brown and Lewis are with still development, or are they behind Anthony and Jaylen?

I believe I read a comment from Sam earlier in the week that we might play some young guys this week; maybe he was talking about Brown and Lewis.

I’ve been kind of surprised Lewis hasn’t been able to get on the field with all the injuries I was very high on him coming into this year and I still am but I’m a little bit shocked he hasn’t been able to get some playing time so far

Ahead of the Missouri State game, Sam Pittman was asked about them. He said, at the time, that Jaylen Lewis was a bit ahead of Anthony Brown. Both had been solid on scout team to that point. Coaches are counting on Lewis to come along a bit faster.

From another board, but basically our DB recruits on our roster are in last in the SEC West, and 11th in the league overall. We also have 2 former walkons in our 2 deep, so, despite having 21 DB’s on the roster, counting walkons, we are either struggling with development, or evaluation. We need to put all our NIL emphasis on DB’s and DT’s, there seems to always be enough offensive talent to play.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while and came close to posting a similar question myself last night. But decided to do a little bit of research to answer it myself. First surprise was that both were rated as three stars out of high school–from what I heard of them in the spring I thought they were high four stars. But my main conclusion was that both need to add some weight, especially Lewis at 175 lbs. The two WRs are both right at 200. After seeing Clarke get trucked in the run game that’s the only reason I could think of for putting converted players ahead of ones we had recruited to play that position. Then again, another surprise to me was we have quite a few DBs under 190 lbs. so maybe that’s not so much of a factor. What do you all think?

While we are at it, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more from some of the LBers signed the past couple years.

Our starters need relief at times.

Those remarks are all fair. I was ragging on oline issues after MSU game but I was really saying the coaches knew what MSU was going to do and still could not fix it during game. The oline was easy compared to secondary, d line and surely some of the linebackers could provide relief and gain experience too. The sitution with backup QB playing well in game just pushed it all into the light. Player development is big question I have with this staff (TE is another area after Knox). Targeting talent and getting to campus is less of concern. I think we missed on both dline and secondary and that is why we changed coaches last year in those areas.

Poo Paul has played a lot of snaps at LB. He’s a really good player.

Thanks, you motivated me to look it up. He’s made 20 tackles (10 solo, 10 assists).

I didn’t realize that he has played that much.

I follow North Cobb Ga athletes as my sons went there and played FB. Mbake was rated as a top 30 FB prospect in Georgia, that’s akin to the best of the best from all Arkansas high schools. He’s an athlete, can probably play anywhere- just needs experience.

But the takeaway from this, with regards to the current thread, is that it took him until his 2nd year to make a contribution…which is not all that unusual in the SEC. Many players who eventually turn into solid contributors don’t see the field until their 3rd year on campus. So, there is the answer to the OP of this thread, where these 2 players are concerned.

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