Anthony Brown 10th DB to hit the portal this year from Hogs

given that we were last in FBS pass defense it will be interesting to see how the new team fans rejoice over their new signings if done,

and already has a home

Purdont can have him along wirh the $hitty weather in Indiana!

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Let’s see. We were the worst in college football in pass defense and you could not get on the field. That is a huge question mark. It could have just been poor coaching and coaching decisions, but we will never know.
It can only go up on The Hill. The DC, who also oversaw the batch of horrendous safeties is gone. Some how UNLV saw something there we didn’t. He was allowed to walk away gracefully.
Even setting a new team sack record did not give Odom’s safeties enough time to figure out where their assignments were.
The cornerbacks coach, who actually got some good play out of McGlothern and McAdoo, got fired. Go figure.
And somewhere in there either poor player evaluation or poor db player development or both has gone on here for an extended period of time. Our new db coach had better be a hit because this defensive secondary is holding Sam back and hopefully won’t be fatal.

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