Anthony Black's commit

working to get more details from Anthony or Coach Peavy on how it will go down on Monday.

The McDonald’s All-American game has virtual interview times set up for each player. His is at 4 p.m., but he may be doing it at another time.

This is excellent:


Clever. Cool video.

I thought Hogs were most prominent and thought must be a future NIL deal impetus for powerade

Well done AB…well done!

I like it!

And he may well be angling for that Powerade NIL deal.

Outstanding. It took this old mind 2 or 3 seconds to actually look closely at the bottles and catch it, then I laughed out loud. So much better than the hats.

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Just hammers home even more to me that he would be a great teammate. Talent and humor are winners together.

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At the end he found a hidden bottle he was looking for … but the Arkansas bottle was in clear view. Might not mean anything, lol

Actually, the Hog bottle was more in the back

Initially it was but was in front toward the end of it,has no significance IMO but very cool Video!

Creative stuff. I like his style.

Lets hope Monday night as we are talking about going to the FF we like it even more!


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