Anthony Black

I dont know where he will end up playing his senior season, but after watching a ton of his film, I sure hope he ends up a Hog. He exudes positionless basketball. He could play the point in college. I have accepted that the Ware ship has sailed, but Black is much more skilled anyway…and plays much harder. A team with Smith, Walsh, and Black could win us a natty…even without a dominant big. College basketball is a guards game anyway. I hope Ramone is right. Go Hogs!

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Saying that a player plays harder than Ware is a pretty low bar… but I completely agree on Black. The idea of him Walsh and Smith makes me a little dizzy. Black has great skill, great size and a pretty good looking shot… although Walsh is the one with the highest upside and the one I’m most excited to see play and develop in a Hog uni.

It would be cool if Black could hook up with Walsh and play this year at Link…especially if Black decides to be a Hog. They could start building chemistry. Don’t know if that’s an option, but surely Black is gonna play somewhere this season. Why not Link? FHS wouldn’t be bad either.

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100%. One good thing is that we can rest easy that Muss is pulling every string there is to pull to get him to Link or whatever is the best plan!

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That’s probably best for the Walsh to communicate with Black about going to Link. I just hope the recruiting stuff stays legit! We already know the NCAA and the gutless system is broke but they could work at the speed of light to screw out hogs.

Not worried about that. These players talk to each other, and they know we’ve got a legit top 3 class. Muss doesn’t have to get involved at all for them to want to play together. One thing I am certain of is Muss is nothing like SAO. He’s gonna do it the right way.


Yep, with SAO’s, oops I mean NIL’s.

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