Anthony Black will announce his decision at…

Some point during the Powerade Jamfest on ESPN2 tonight from 6:30-8 p.m.

That’s per Duncanville head coach Dean Peavy.

Any idea at all ? What’s your feeling Dudley?

We’ll just see.

I think Arkansas has done all it can on and off the court to land him.

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Sometimes Dudley fans just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. That includes recruiting! If the young man wants to be a Hog he has the chance! I believe Muss already knows what the young man is going to do!

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Yeah I think Muss knows. And there’s surely a lot of smoke blowing our direction. We’ll find out in a few hours.

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Assuming the key parts of this year’s roster returns and Black comes aboard what will be Arkansas needs…another big to compliment Williams?

To me, that would be all we need.

If we land Anthony Black and add a contributing big, we will be hard to handle. It’s enough to make one jump up and down with excitement.

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I just heard Black committed to the Hogs AWESOME!!

ESPN is reporting it as well

Watched it live…he’s a Hog!! WPS!

5 big time recruits, awesome. All are 6’7” or shorter. Duke’s 5 recruits, 4 of them are all 6’8” tall or taller and one is 7’1”. Muss doesn’t go for the taller players. We had a great year, and looking forward to even better,

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