Anthony Black will announce his decision at…

Some point during the Powerade Jamfest tonight on ESPN2 from 6:30-8 p.m.

That’s per Duncanville head coach Dean Peavy.


Any idea at all ?

Down to us and the Zags. Most say Zags may have an edge.

I think anybody that says they “know” outside of his family are simply guessing.

I do feel like Arkansas has done all it can on and off the court.


And the fact that it’s kept in the family has my respect. Our family has just gone through years of intense recruitment of our niece’s daughter. Like AB it was kept completely quiet between family. Hope he becomes a Hog but I’ll respect whatever decision he makes.


I still think TCU is in the picture. It’s close to his family and he surely can play all the minutes he wants there. Wouldn’t shock me to see him in Purple next season.

Would be very surprised if he lands at TCU.

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For what it’s worth, the predictive winds of the internet seem to be shifting back to the Hogs today…

Based on a conversation I had this morning with someone at the U of A, I don’t think he is coming. We shall see if this person actually knew what they were talking.

I believe he wants to be an NBA PG. Since he’s been scrimmaging with and against Nick Smith at practices for the McDonald AM game, perhaps he sees how many assists he’ll get by just passing to Smith a lot, perhaps that swayed him to the Hogs. Playing in that game with both Nick and Jordan certainly won’t hurt our chances.

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I think it comes down to playing time.

Who amongst our incoming freshmen played point guard in high school?


In my opinion that is what we need the most. Someone to keep the team focused and get the ball in the hands of the hot shooter.
Another big or two to help JWill is need two.
I think we will have shooters next season. We need them too.
Amazing all they accomplished with these obvious needs. Great Hog season.

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Last Thursday I think most said the Zags had the edge too…

Nick and Derrian both played point as did Anthony.

His recruiting has been very hush hush like Ware’s. Done a really good job of not letting too much info leak out.

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