Anthony Black update

Nothing earthshaking but I asked his coach if Anthony was close to making a decision and he said no.

Just spit balling here, but this might not be a bad thing. He just visited the #1 team in the country, and did not immediately commit. Most people think it’s between us and Gonzaga. Anthony and his mom seem very close. Does she want to send him thousands of miles away to play for a coach that is suspended the first game of the season for DWI? Also, where is he gonna play his senior season? Curious what coach you talked to, RD, since he is ineligible at Duncanville this year? I just think the kid has a lot on his plate right now. Hopefully Muss can convince him and his family that he can find success and stability here. Also, RD, have you heard anything about Beard pulling strings to make him ineligible at Duncanville, since he has obviously spurned Texas? Beard had great success with the transfer portal this past spring, but he is losing 5 star Texas HS players (like Walsh) left and right, and it couldn’t make me happier. Kinda like Oats at Bama. I’ll be very curious to see what Nate does when he runs out of Avery’s players.

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A couple of things here:

  • The most informed think Okie State is still right there. I wouldn’t dismiss them. They are selling the Cade Cunningham role, which is how Black plays. Boynton is a great recruiter. I’ve not read/heard a lot of Gonzaga momentum.

  • Dad is the one that reportedly turned Black in. It’s a mess.

Wow. The first thing I think of after that is he must be wanting him to go the OTC route. Give Dad some money. Sad, if that’s the case.

I read stuff like this and think about Budda Collins’ mom disappearing with the LOI because she wanted him to go to Miami. I wonder if she ever got over it.

I should’ve said former coach. It was coach Peavy.

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Boynton was at the school the day I was there to talk to Black and his teammates. I spoke to him briefly.

Too sad if this is the case.

Or Dad wants him to go to Texass.

I am sensing that Anthony knows what school he wants to go to, The indecision is because he is not sure of going to college or going pro.

I doubt that, as there has been no indication of him considering pro at this time. There’s been no set time table for his commitment. Throw this ineligible thing into the mix, and that makes it even more unsettled. I’m pretty sure much of his time has been dedicated to how he’s going to finish high school.

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Good. You cleared up my senses somewhat. Does this eligibility thing affect committing for college ball? He may not be able to play ball this season but should be able to finish up high school and become eligible to attend college.

Yeah, it won’t affect him being able to play in college.

I wish he would go finish high school with Walsh in Mizzou…

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No way, my Jonesboro Hurricane’s have to play them, they don’t need Black, too. Looking forward to going up I-49 and catching up with Wes and watching this game.

I’ve said this too, or even better, FHS.

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No Thank You…the last elite basketball player that transferred to Fayetteville went to Kentucky!

Are you talking about Monk? If so, he went to Bentonville, not Fayetteville.

Maybe there’s someone else I’m not thinking of, but he’s the one who immediately came to mind. I don’t remember Kentucky signing a player from Fayetteville.


Below is the story on Black for those who don’t know the details.

I know Coach Few a little bit from spending a lot of time talking to him in Maui. I think he is a good man.

One would hope that getting a DWI does not take away from that. I got one seven years ago, owned it , learned from it and and vowed to make better choices.

I have. I’'m sure he will, too.

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He should be eligible to play there. If Black’s mother was moving to get away from an abusive relationship, that should be a perfect reason to rule him eligible at the school.

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