Anthony Black Scouting Report

Something to pass time until the next game …


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Very good scouting report,right on the money IMO

Magic Johnson didn’t have a quick first step either.

Interesting to me. I’d say he’s a better athlete than Magic, as a frosh. A few, but significant, inches smaller, yet maybe a better shot and creator as a frosh. What made Magic, was timing and other circumstances…and eventually his million dollar smile.

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Good stuff. Watching those cutouts makes me miss TB on those lobs and fast breaks bc he could sky!

From the video:

“AB has a real chance to be on triple double watch night in and night out once he gets acclimated to the NBA”

“My prediction for AB in the NBA draft is a top 10, witch a chance to move into the top 5”

I love watching him play.

Wax, have you noticed a team try to double hills much to get the ball out of his hands? I’m curious how that will go?

Do what?

This is so true. As a true frosh, he’s #2 on the team in points and RBs. He’s 5th in the SEC in Assists, Minutes per game, and 10th in Steals.

It’s also one of the terrible (to fans) tragedies of the collegiate one-and-done. Oh how I’d love to see him for a second or third year with our Hogs.

So, as they sorta said in HeeHaw, you better watch closely this first (and only) time.


Not yet, but probably see that more in conference play … AB’s height and vision are an asset when/if he is doubled … have to cut hard to the basket and hit the open 3 to burn them on double teams.


I hope we post Black up more down low.He will be a mismatch against anybody who guards him and if they don’t double him he will score more than likely. He will pass out to someone open if nothing else. We have done that a few times and I’m amazed we don’t make that a pretty regular occurrence.

Being told AB has the Flu and it’s bad. Hopefully that means he scores 42 tomorrow

I don’t know if you can post AB a lot with Nick out, Billy. Who is gonna get him the ball?

We need AB running the show up top. Definitely don’t want to try Devo at the point anymore.

Devo or Council would have to do it and this would be to just change things up,give teams a different look that might give them problems.We have only done a few times but he immediately attacked the basket and scored or got fouled.I’m just thinking of easier ways to get him to score if Nick is going to gone a while.

I see what you are saying, but I still think you want AB running downhill with options on the wings. His vision, and decision-making, is next level.

Still, I could see posting up the runts at Kentucky and Auburn in the half court. That, I would love to see.

yeah just to give him the ball closer to basket where he possibly score easier and give him a mental break as well.

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