Anthony Black’s High School Stripped of Title/Probation

College basketball, and high school I guess, is a cesspool. All sorts of cheating. I don’t really care that much, but just so we all realize what we are dealing with, especially vis a vis these 5-star recruits and the quest to get to “the League.”

UIL strips Duncanville of 2022 6A state title for use of ineligible player

“Duncanville, which went 35-1 last season and beat McKinney in the state championship game, must forfeit all games which Anthony Black — a five-star recruit who transferred from Coppell last summer — played in, including all postseason games. Duncanville coach David Peavy was also given a one-year suspension. The program was issued a three-year probation period and a public reprimand.”

“We don’t have a choice,” UIL executive director Charles Breithaupt said. “We have to enforce the rule, or why else have the rules? The district committee ruled the student changed schools for athletic purposes by a 7-0 vote … the student was ineligible. We contacted the school, we contacted the superintendent, we contacted the athletic director, we contacted the coach. They all knew the consequences.”

There has been some activity here in Georgia about schools getting players to change schools. In some cases the parent of the student took a job inside the district to make it look legal but it is hard to find some things.

Money talks.

Kids in Texas have been transferring to get on better teams for decades, which is why the UIL is so heavyhanded on the issue. Usually it’s get a kid’s dad a cushy job in the new town.

Hopefully Holland will be so pissed about UIL taking his ring that he will want to get the hell out of Texas.

It is sort of a complicated matter since high school kids are not exactly free citizens, being under the age of 18 they can’t exactly make their own life choices about where to live and so on. Still I’m not in favor of the State dictating where a kid is allowed to live and attend school. ABs situation was not really too controversial. I certainly wouldn’t call him a cheater. His mom was in a relationship and living with the duncanville coach for several years when he made the move there. And she also went on the record saying they moved away from an abusive situation as part of the reason for the move.

I feel like the adults have to handle these matters in adult ways, like in the courts. You know? It a kids mom lies to a public school board for financial benefit I mean why not file a lawsuit for fraud in big boy court instead of fighting it out in the school system where the kids are the ones punished. They should’nt take away those kids championship! Adults in the room need to be adults!

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That would be okay except in most cases the parents are paid to move. On their own, they would not move.

I did not watch any Duncanville basketball, but it seems to me they would not have won a state championship without AB. On the other hand, you could argue that AB’s coach and parents were selfish in jeopardizing Duncanville‘s team, and ultimately getting them on probation and now the state championship stricken. It’s a very odd situation, but I have to think ultimately the coach and parents are likely at fault here. AB is kind of the winner. He’s on his way to the NBA. Worked out for him.

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This background is worth reading on the Black/Duncanville case:

This is a problem in Arkansas also. People and administrators at Sylvan Hills are still seething that Nick Smith was recruited (according to them) to transfer to North Little Rock. Parkview folks were angry that Anton Beard and Moses Moody were recruited to transfer to NLR. NLR is the evil empire on the high school scene here.

I did not follow Gus a lot, but did he not have several kids transfer to his school?

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