Anthony Black only scratching the surface of his potential

“He’s just scratching the surface. I mean, he’s a really, really special player.”

On Anthony Black, Arkansas’ unique 6-7 freshman point guard who can facilitate, finish lobs, block jumpers and even get you through airport security in a foreign country:


Great article, Scottie. I think AB is the “X” factor on this team. Nobody in the country has a player like him. As an aside, Anthony was one of my favorite players to meet a couple of weeks ago. He’s just such a sweet kid. I showed him my ring, and he pulled off his sunglasses and said, “that’s really cool.”

As a matter of fact, every kid I met was very polite and respectful…the kind of kids you really pull for. Just something special about this group.


Yeah for him to reach his potential he’s got to be a lot more aggressive with the ball taking it to the rack and then dishing out to Smith or somebody for a wide open shot.
He is quick enough and Agile and can finish around the rim very good.

I think he needs to take that opportunity ever chance he gets because if we can get 10 or 12 points a game from him that is icing on the cake

Anthony will have some wide open looks for 3 this year as opponents focus on NSJ … if AB can make 1 out of 3 from long distance, he will have a great year offensively (and cement his status as a one and done).


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