Anthony Black is Attempting

to Reclassify to 2021. A decision was supposed to made today. Anyone heard anything?

Interesting. Where did you hear this?

Saw it posted on another board. I’ll try to link the original article here if I can find it again.

A decision was supposed to be handed down today, but so far no news.

I find it interesting, if true. Arkansas still has a 21-22 scholarship open.

More than coincidence, perhaps? Don’t want to get hopes up too much.

Please share what you find. I would be very interested in hearing what Richard and/or Dudley have to say about this. Is his eligibility at Duncanville suddenly in question again? I can’t imagine any other scenario where he would re-classify. And I still want to know what our experts think our chances are with him? I would think if we sign him, we have the #1 class in the country.

Will do. I’ll see what I can find out.

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When he was in Texarkana weekend before last, I was as told he is currently playing “under appeal” with NIL. The implication was the final ruling was yet to come.

Most of the games Duncanville are playing now are showcase events and holiday tournaments…… so, other coaches in Duncanville’s district, and the UIL, might not care too much about his continued play until January.

Not sure how much him reclassifying is real or rumor, but it certainly makes some sense.

On the other hand, even without Black, it wouldn’t surprise me if Duncanville won state anyway. They are loaded.

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Nothing to this. Just message board rumor.

Black put out a tweet this afternoon/evening that said he’s been cleared to play for the rest of the Duncanville season. I would guess that nixes any idea that he will reclassify.

Yep, the talk of him reclassifying was just pure speculation. Nothing more.

Well, it was not just pure speculation as the words did come out of Anthony’s mouth.

I have talked to Duncanville head coach David Peavy and have just now reached out to Anthony himself.

The ruling has not been announced publicly yet, which is why that tweet is no longer around.

Anthony is still very interested in Arkansas.


Good to hear his interest in Arkansas is still high.

This reclassification talk was nothing more than message board folks making a mountain out of a molehill.

Anthony stated “I’m considering all my options” and people, as usual, ran with that and turned it into something bigger than it was.

FTR, I’m not talking about anyone on this board. This board is very good about staying away from the speculating/rumor stuff.

You must not have read the thread on the fb board about Sam’s contract and agent choice.:wink:

duncanville loaded is an understatement, they are now # 1 in the country.


Not many “real” high schools in that Top 25. Lots of academies and “prep schools.” Some of these are not true “college prep” in the traditional sense of a prep school getting students ready for Ivy League or other advanced/competitive academic entrance.

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