Anthony Black committing question

Has he announced when he is committing?

I heard something about him maybe announcing it to McDonald’s All-Star Game

That’s what I heard too.

That seems to be the prevailing date. About a month ago, I was pretty confident it was AR or G-League. Today, I’ve heard it’s now a three way race, with Okie Light back in the mix

Hearing A. Black is now a Gonzaga lean.

Apparently he got a rivals site type crystal ball to Gonzaga late last week. Several people have said he’s a Gonzaga lean now.

I figured if he didn’t commit after his visit he was likely not coming here. But, anything can happen.

My last two stories on Anthony, with his own words on when he might be committing

Thanks that’s where I heard he might be announcing at the All-Star Game.

Here are my thoughts, having talked to the people that should have the answers.

Although I never speak in absolutes for good reasons

JD is not expected to be back.

However, the Notae/Black option would not be an either/or one.

To my knowledge, there has been no change to the Anthony Black “recruiting” situation.

The narrative, yes.

Suddenly it’s a competitive decision according to the narrative - one that is not driven by Anthony and his family

But the reality - maybe not so much.

I did see where one recruiting service had Anthony as an 80 percent lean to Arkansas, which I believe was a simple guess.

By the way, hated to see TCU and Micah Peavey lose last night in the manner it did.

I have really enjoyed talking/texting weekly this season to this Duncanville head coach David Peavey, Micha’s dad who is Anthony’s head coach and someone he sees as a parent.

I’ll be talking to him in the next couple of days

So what do you think our chances are, good, real good, not so good?

I think it’s Gonzaga and us at the top with TCU the next most likely.

And you think that why?

I do think people overlooking TCU, where Micha Peavy (like a brother to Anthony) plays and is near his home.

That’s not to indicate I think he is going there.

I think Arkansas feels good about its chances.

But it’s recruiting, so I never say never about anything.


Thanks fair enough

After AB’s post this weekend, I agree with you.

What did he say?

He just said, “wow” with crying face emojis after that. It was most likely in response to TCU not getting the foul call at the end of regulation against Arizona.

As mentioned, Black’s mother has a relationship with Micah Peavy’s Father, who is the coach at Black’s high school, Duncanville. So, family connection.

TCU has been in the picture for a while. They have been more in the background vs us, Gonzaga, Okie State and the G-League. Okie State fell back a couple of months ago. G-League has seemingly fallen the last several weeks. TCU has remained in the mix.

Muss had some interesting comments in the press conference the other day talking about some Great players relish playing with other great players, some do not want to come play with other great players. Wonder if this was his way of talking to AB

Talk about much ado about nothing. I had the same reaction and I can’t stand TCU, officiating in this tournament has been atrocious. That being said I was rooting for Arizona because it helps out my highest entry fee NCAA bracket challenge :rofl: