Answer to the board loading problem

For me, anyway this fixed the problem.

I have AdBlock+ as an extension on Google chrome browser. I just turned it off and immediately got in the forums - no delay at all.

I hate though, that I’m seeing a gazillion ads. AdBlock and Google chrome need to get together on this. I don’t plan on continuing for any length of time without AdBlock or something similar. I can, however, temporarily fix that problem, by just enabling AdBlock+ after I log in.

For others, it could be another ad blocker causing the slow loading, if you don’t have adblock+.?

So far it’s working for me. I’m able to load the board on Chrome. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I have not had any problems with loading. I have noticed that when I open a new browser session (using Firefox) that I often get ads, even though I use Adblock+. I then refresh the session and the ads are gone from this site and others.

I have noticed that on this site, I sometimes get a blank page with
in the upper left hand corner, while the page is blank (although the rotating dots will show for a second or two at times.) But the delay is minimal.

I noticed the /**/ as well with the red dots. But it never went away. Until I stopped ABP.

I wonder if the fact that I use Firefox makes a difference. I use it because of several issues with Chrome. For example: when I open a new tab, I really want to switch to it immediately. I can set Firefox to do that , but I have never found a way to force Chrome to do the same.

What we need to remember though, is that this is still a HI/Whole Hog problem they need to fix. At least for me, this does not happen on any other website or any other forums (message boards) when Adblock+ is open. They still need to fix what is happening on this site and these forums only.

We’ve temporarily fixed it so we can get on the forums, but I don’t want to go through this every time I open this set of forums. I hope the tech guys on here haven’t stopped investigating how to stop this from happening. It only started a week or so ago, so they have a short time span to look at.

If you left click on that, it shows, on a right panel on your screen (it did on mine), all the information, step by step, that is being undertaken to open the forums. It’s a huge amount of information that is all “gobbitygook” to me, but the tech guys might be able to decipher it and fix whatever seems out of whack.?

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