Answer includes not losing money in Little Rock

We are a proud program with most of our great years in the past.

We are trying to compete at the highest levels nationally in the modern era.

We need every penny for the best coach’s and recruiting efforts to attempt to overcome advantages of more resourced programs.

Whether this Administration or another, we have to ask what are our expectations, and how do we overcome recruiting disadvantages to have a more nationally competitive program.

In my opinion, we need every dime possible.

This is not a question of other programs standing still while we try to improve. The bigs are growing and improving and many have the recruiting advantages Arkansas will never have.

If we really want to be a more consistent national program like the bigs, we need every dime possible.

We can be a big, but we need every resource possible and have to leave our old mindsets and inferiority complexes behind. We have to be creative and innovative and show coaching salaries that attract the best. And we can’t afford to lose any resources that don’t help us compete at the highest levels.