Another White to watch

QB Walker White is a 6-3, 195 pound 8th grader.

His older brother John David White is a receiver for the Razorbacks while Zac will be a freshman infielder for the Hogs in the fall.

Their father David played golf at Arkansas while their great-grandfather, Harold Rees, grandfather, John Rees, and uncle, John Aaron Rees played football at Arkansas.

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Big QB for an 8th grader. If he can play (and from the family history, you would think so) he may end up being a highly rated recruit! If he is (and it’s a long way off) maybe the Razorbacks will fit into his plans.

If he doesn’t favor Arkansas, I’d be stunned with that pedigree.

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Walker attended the Ole Miss camp today and was measured at 6-3 and weighed 207. His hand was 10 inches.

He recorded a 31.4 vertical dispute having a groin issue. Because of his groin, he didn’t run the 40.

Well, that’s not good (attending Ole Piss camp) oh, sorry for the typo!


yep. Huge miss by CSP here. I was hoping Enos could close the gap and we could have some time to convince him to stay home.

This isn’t on CSP or Enos. Briles wanted Hawkins and made him the priority and Walker essentially was ignored. Enos has no time to close gap and maybe just maybe can do it before December but doubtful.

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The troll is back.


CSP is the head hog and over all things recruiting. He has stated numerous times that he wants all the top talent in Arkansas every year. So that puts this on him. I am pretty sure coaches discuss and rate who gets an offer together. I don’t think Briles has complete authority on who he recruited. So CSP had to sign off on not making Walker THE priority and go against his stated goals of getting all the top talent in the state. Otherwise, I don’t think we would have been excluded so quickly.

Maybe they didn’t rate him as high as you, or the recruiting services did? Who do you think knows best in what the QB should be as the QB in Briles’ offense, or in Enos’ offense? Them, or Pittman? These days, you are probably only going to sign one 4* QB, too easy to pick one up in the portal, if you need one. It’s pretty simple, Briles preferred Hawkins, and a few others, over White. So, have you liked the QB play in Briles offense the past 3 years, if you did, then you deferred to his choices. The perception of losing a “top” instate recruit, doesn’t help, but you have to live with change made at OC and expect a hiccup or two.


It was KB’s decision because we had Hawkins - period. I don’t disagree with your thoughts on this sir, just saying this is who KB wanted and made a priority because he felt it fit his system the best. As a head coach you have to trust in your coordinators to do their job in evaluating the best option for what they do. For whatever reason KB saw Hawkins as a better fit and Pitt trusted in that.

Hey I know my opinion doesn’t matter and I won’t change anyone’s mind on this, but as a fan of the Razorbacks, I don’t want to be beat by the Legacy kid whom we didn’t make a priority to chase a kid that won’t end up signing here. I get it. Briles loved Hawkins. He loved #4 too. The one KB he didn’t recruit is the one setting records. So I am glad we have Enos now. But I won’t have much fun if/ when Walker White beats us as the AU QB. I mean the loss to AU will be bad enough, but if Walker is at the helm…

At any rate, CSP still deserves some heat on this. It’s only fair. If his OC loses games, he takes the heat, right? But I realize Walker hasn’t won the QB job and may be a flop like our previous OC thinks he will be, so I am fretting over nothing. :wink:

He may never start a game as QB at Auburn.

It is doubtful that Auburn and Arkansas (after Enos got hired) went all out to recruit this kid unless they thought he had a high chance of being a successful D-1 QB. Maybe they are wrong and you are right but that is not likely. My worry is this could create a pipeline to Auburn because White is well connected to other Arkansas top high school recruits. Freeze beat us on the field with a less talented team and he just took away the top QB in Arkansas that we, in the end, wanted really bad. Didn’t they also get a big lineman from Bama to flip from us to them as well? Really bad losing streak against Freeze here for Sam. Hope it turns around soon.


While the immediate news is not great regarding White committing to Auburn, I am not concerned with Walker being Auburn’s Pied Piper in Arkansas. I actually only feel that there is only a slightly better chance he ends up at Auburn than somewhere else.

Maybe Sam and Enos can flip him back to the Hogs, but that commitment announcement seemed to make it clear his recruitment was over.