Another Weekend and a Sweep

That is about as good as it gets. Either these pitchers are better than we thought or they are getting better (They get great coaching for sure and have talent). The team played very well in the field. They basically shut TN down for 3 games. Very difficult to do. I am starting to think this may turn out to be a good team. Long ways to go, but they keep improving despite losing several top line players.

Perhaps DVH just may know a little about managing college baseball. He might even become a pretty good one of these days. I just love to watch how he handles things. Heck he might even be smart enough to join this board someday! Naw, he will never be that good. We are all so much smarter.


I am sure DVH never stops learning so I could see him coming on here🥸

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It’s something because we are average at best in almost all stats.

Playing very good baseball!!

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The stats only tell part of the story about a team.
The hogs continue to improve on the mound. That’s been the key. DVH has put pitchers into the fire to see what they can do and it’s paying off bottom line. The missing piece right now is Morris.
Can he or will he find his command and confidence. With Morris in the mix in the bullpen it would really help.
Finding ways to win. This weekend they stole bases and took the extra base.
Against Tennessee our pitching wasn’t average at all. If the pitching can continue to improve this could be the year the hogs play in the last game of the season in Omaha.
Tygart being able to come back would be huge.

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There was a Tennessee fan sitting a couple of rows in front of me. He saw my broom and commented that he hoped I wouldn’t use it. We did talk about DVH. He had attended a Swatters Club meeting and was really impressed with DVH, noting how our coach could often quote plays with pitch counts, etc. He was bemoaning the fact that until Tony V, the Evil mustards had not had much coaching. I mentioned that Serrano should have been good. He just couldn’t handle the SEC.


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