Another walk off in play? Nope! Down goes Ole Miss!

Ole Miss trails 3/2 top of the 9th. Down to their last three outs.

One on, one out. Could get a walk-off, or a 6-4-3 to end their season.

Why did ESPN 2 cut away before the game was over? Infuriating! :evil:

Black Bears out.

Don’t you love it?


I’m glad they didn’t send TTU here. They have some pitching to go with the mashers. And we might see them in Omaha.

Great weekend all the way around for the Hogs…

Tenn Tech put the ball in play and made Ole Miss throw strikes! Ole Miss had the same problem LSU is suffering from! The SEC tournament championship run from the losers bracket. Ole Miss should have managed their pitching staff better!
They can take their SEC trophy and have their parade while we play our super at home!

My morning was made when I woke up and saw Ole Miss lost!

That was the Right Fielder who closed the game for TT! Previously he had thrown a total of 7 inninings. ESPN definitely blew the MVP selection, no surprise there :sunglasses: