Another vistior I was holding off

Wide receiver Xavier Weaver announced his transfer from South Florida on Dec. 28.

He earned second-team All-AAC honors after recording 53 catches for 718 yards and 6 touchdowns this season. It is the fifth-best season reception total and receiving yards total in program history.

As a junior, Weaver started 10 of 11 games and led the Bulls with 41 receptions for 715 yards and 2 touchdowns. Weaver’s 1,735 career receiving yards are fourth all-time at South Florida, and his 116 career receptions are sixth all-time.

He was an ESPN 3-star recruit in the 2019 class out of Orlando Christian Prep.

It’s out so I’m posting it now.

He’s arriving today.

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Thanks for what you do here Richard, but something you just said is and has been a pet peeve for me.

I’ve been around since the beginning of all the different Hog forums. Since the very beginning and the way I remember it, the whole point was that an “Insider” board was so fans that were a part of it could get information before it was out for public consumption. Get the inside scoop. Now when I see things like “It’s out so I’m posting it now.”, make me realize the “Insider” board is NOT an inside spot. Its slowly changed to basically a digital version of a newspaper.

I’m sure there may be times recruits tell you not to mention things and I get that. Still for me the illusion of “Insider Info” is clearly dead.

Integrity is a mainstay of this forum. Clay insisted on it and it’s still upheld. There can be many reasons that something cannot be posted immediately. I understand and appreciate the integrity that Richard and other journalists have on this board. I trust them.

I’d suggest looking at the outlets that put it out there regardless.


I know what to do and not to do in order to protect sources. Transfers are somewhat different because they often aren’t into the publicity thing like they were in HS.

Some kids I’m able to report and some I’m not. Often times I have to wait until they go public with a visit, that’s why I posted about DJ Taylor when I did because he posted a video about him being on a OV to Arkansas. That’s public so there’s no hiding it.

There’s plenty of inside info I do post on a weekly basis.


Arrived yesterday and leaving today

Dont’e Thornton, Jake Roberts and DJ Taylor also leaving today.


Interesting we brought him in from Baylor, but not the safeties ?

Also, we will be bringing in others between now and Sunday you think ?


Al will get here today.

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Completely comfortable with how you manage your information, sources and confidentiality. Not sure if sometimes it is not better kept a little bit under wraps until things have evolved a little.


A few examples of inside before no one else.

WR Dont’e Thornton visit plans with quotes. No one else talked to him prior to his visit.

Posted WR Isaac TeSlaa, DJ Taylor visits first. Yes, waited til DJ posted video but had story ready. No one else did.

Posted Kentucky WR Chauncey Magwood visit first. These are just a few. I don’t recall saying ‘hey I posted this first’ but to make my point will post these few.


The “X” factor is that the journalist/columnist does NOT want to become part of the story.

How would fans feel if Richard (or one of his competitors) tipped off that a player was coming for a visit before the player was ready to have that information released…and, as a result, the player cancelled his visit? I can certainly see scenarios where something like that could happen.

So, the writers are between the proverbial rock and hard place - they want to provide information to their subscribers as soon as they can…BUT they do not want to impact decisions and/or compromise sources so that they are not able to get important information in the future.

Visitors leaving today

TE Jake Roberts- N Texas

DB DJ Taylor- ASU

CB Lorado Johnson- Baylor

WR Dont’e Thornton- Oregon

Confirmed visitors arriving today:

WR Xavier Weaver- USF

WR Isaac TeSlaa- Hilldale College

S Al Walcott- Baylor

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Richard don’t we have a LBer on campus also ?

Antonio Grier of USF

Richard, thanks for the endless hours you work to give us information. Integrity on this board is huge. Appreciate your work.


In my view, there is a difference between insider “information” and insider “board”. One is a platform and the other is a journalist or someone positioned to possess that information. I appreciate the care taken by those employed to provide content to the board so that this “outsider” can garner the benefit of their knowledge. We have posters here that do bring inside information, most often to clarify speculative opinions that are sometimes expressed here. I appreciate their diligence and care as well.


Baylor S Al Walcott will arrive at 5:45 today.

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I am here for what is and what other’s think of what is.
Rumors and speculations are fun, but not at the expense of future information on what is.
I also like to ask questions and get real information, not conspiracy theories and 4th hand information from “someone in the know”.
Keep up the good work Richard and protect your sources, one of the key tenants of journalism.

Love to see dbs coming through. Would like to see some d-linemen.

Seems like SP and staff are getting portal visits that they need to be getting. Will see how they close.

I can see visits being very important due to time frame of both coaches and the portal guy. Lot’s trust involved given short time frame to pull trigger.

RD youdaman keep rocking your roll!!

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